Max Cole-Takanikos


one-man operation, but not a one-trick pony.

Max Cole-Takanikos

max cole-takanikos

I'm a designer, illustrator, and maker from Seattle, Washington.

I've been making art since I was big enough to ham-fistedly grip a paintbrush, and I'm heavily influenced by street-art, science-fiction, nature, americana, and midcentury style. I get inspired by beauty, but often even moreso by things that are a little bit weird and gritty. Whether I'm creating a clean logo using simple shapes or spreading a busy illustration across a big-ass canvas, I try to distill both of those concepts into the final piece. The Japanese principle of wabi-sabi describes a beauty that is grounded in the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. I believe one could easily use those descriptors for the world we live in now, and I think the art we create should reflect that.