Max Cole-Takanikos
flying bear small.png


This is a branding project I was tasked with for some friends of mine back in my hometown of Langley, Washington. They’d been running a floral growing and design operation for a while, and decided to open a brick-and-mortar shop that encompassed the service they already provided as well as a mercantile for Pacific-Northwest-sourced goods.

Melissa Brown, the creative force behind the business, refers to bumble bees as “flying bears”, hence the choice to include one in the design. After all, there would be no flowers without them.

I illustrated a selection of plants native to the area and built a pattern out of them to be used on business cards and, eventually, as a mural inside their shop.

flying bear web 3.png
flying bear wide.png
flying bear web 2.png
flying bear web 4.png